the Italian Collection (tm)


20 wines from the 20 regions of Italy


It is a pleasure to introduce you to THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® by BelVino. An exclusive collection of 20 bottles of wine. One from each of the 20 regions of Italy.

The inspiration for THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® begins with my heritage. Born in the region of Molise, the town of Oratino the passion for wine began early in my life watching my grandfather and father growing grapes, harvesting, making wine, and finally enjoying the results of their labor with family and friends at meal time. Happy, treasured moments of my life.

BelVino, or Beautiful Wine, was founded in 2003 as a specialty import company of exclusively Italian wines. My initial goal; to seek high quality, affordable wines from all 20 regions and introduce them to the United States market. Numerous visits to wineries and trade events, traveling from the north to the south of the boot, developing direct relationships with wine makers, and winery owners who are just as passionate about their life work, all aided in accomplishing the mission.

  The idea for THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® emerged as loyal customers commented on our unique portfolio and my desire to want to share with wine lovers the many unknown indigenous varietals from the hundreds that exist. I knew we had to take this unique situation to the next level. Many months spent on developing the Collections now makes it possible for you to experience Italian wines in a different way, at an affordable price, in a complete package.

This complete Italian wine experience allows you to explore the culture of each region, grape by grape. I am confident you will not find another collection of wine like this in the U.S. or abroad. THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® is a Trademark of BelVino. The first and only of its kind.

Let me know what you think about THE ITALIAN COLLECTION®, your comments are important to me.





~ Passionately ~ Claudia Di Lillo ~ Founder ~

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